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About Fraxel


Fraxel is a very effective rejuvenation and cosmetic correction method that can help with the following issues:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Dark spots/ age spots
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Surgical scar treatment
  • Stretch marks elimination
  • Acne treatment and post acne scar treatment
  • Melasma treatment/skin discoloration

FRAXEL is the technology that destroys and eliminates cells of damaged or discolored skin. As a result, healthy skin begins producing new perfect cells that replace damaged spots. During first treatment, 25% of new healthy skin is reproduced. Thus FRAXEL destroys old, dead, undesired skin cells, triggering the reproduction of new health skin. FRAXEL is a laser treatment that renews and rejuvenates skin improving its appearance. FRAXEL treatment can only be performed by FRAXEL equipment produced by Solta Medical, USA.

Skin Rejuvenation Using FRAXEL.

When you look at yourself in the mirror and you see a person with obvious wrinkles, visible pores, discolored skin, or acne scars, then you should investigate FRAXEL technology.

If you are concerned by the appearance of your scars or stretch marks in various parts of your body (thighs, chest, sides), schedule a free consultation with the skin rejuvenation specialist and inquire about FRAXEL treatment.

The process of skin aging is caused by cells’ inability to stay active, reproduce, renew. With aging appear wrinkles, discoloration, and change in complexion in general. The skin cells are “tired” and are not doing their job as they used to. Our face shows off this aging and flabby skin with no mercy. Laser peel FRAXEL engages the inactive layer of skin cells and activates their productivity and ability to continue producing young and perfect skin cells, making skin smoother and visibly younger.

Anti-wrinkle war: fast and effective.

Sooner or later wrinkles become the issue for 100% of people. There are several causes for wrinkles’ appearance, thus wrinkles fall into 4 categories: 1. Permanent elastic (lips, cheeks, caused by aging, loss of collagen) 2. Atrophic crinkling (fine parallel lines, caused by aging, loss of collagen, loss of elasticity) 3. Dynamic expression lines (caused by facial movement) 4. Gravitational folds (caused by aging, loss of collagen, skin thickens, becomes heavier, folds and sags)

The cause for most wrinkles (except mimic expression lines) lies in the process of skin aging. Collagen and elastin are the two structural proteins in our skin. They ensure our skin’s firmness and elasticity. Collagen makes up 75% of our skin, and the smooth, plump appearance of young healthy skin shows a good collagen level. With age, however, collagen level drops and its production decreases. The cells that are able to reproduce collagen are actually located deeper at the dermis level, below the inactive epidermis layer. FRAXEL treatment is unique because laser intervenes and reaches collagen cells at a much deeper level than any other exfoliation. FRAXEL is able to stimulate the old collagen deep layer and stimulate great cell renewal. Collagen level will increase ensuring wrinkle reduction and overall youthful and plump look of your skin. Due to FRAXEL’s miniature laser tips, the procedure can be safely performed on eye wrinkles and other delicate areas.

Skin discoloration (pigmented lesions: age spots, sun spots, brown spots) on face, hands, and neck areas upset many people. The technique that FRAXEL laser uses treating skin discoloration is very different than any other treatment. FRAXEL does not only affects that darker cells, destroying the pigment itself, but also destroying the cells that produce and retain the darker pigment. Cells that retain the pigment are destroyed and replaced by new clean cells. Thus it really does not matter at what level the pigmentation is taking place. FRAXEL reaches deep enough to effectively treat all types of skin discoloration restoring an even skin tone.

Scars and stretch marks treatment

FRAXEL procedure is effective when correcting scars as well as any other cosmetic defects. FRAXEL laser destroys “wrong” tissue of the scar and in stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and elastin in this area and adjacent tissues. Instead of mature and rough scar tissue, new skin will begin growing. In 4-5 treatments, wide scars become hardly visible. Every person’s characteristics and capabilities of connective tissue are different, and we can’t really choose how our body copes with issues. But what we can do is to remove the consequences of certain “mistakes” our body cells are leaving us with.

How does FRAXEL work?

FRAXEL laser, using pinpoint beams penetrates the skin to 1.4 mm and eliminates old, damaged skin cells, and stimulates the natural healing process which replaces damaged tissue with new collagen and new health skin. During the procedure, FRAXEL evenly distributes the laser impact on skin, damaging multitude of micro zones, but not damaging the full outer skin layer. This ensures faster healing. During the first FRAXEL procedure, 20-25% of desired skin area can be resurfaced. Thus for optimal desired results 4-5 treatments are typically recommended. Even though the laser works on micro zones, the results are visible after first treatment.

The scope of treatment (laser beam wavelength) and number of treatments for FRAXEL cosmetic procedure are individual for each patient and can be determined at the consultation session with the specialist. A free consultation can be requested by calling the number below: 360-260-7069

Unique Rejuvenation Treatment FRAXEL.

  1. FRAXEL – safe, effective, and fractionated (fraction of skin treated at each session) laser treatment
  2. FRAXEL – the only laser system able to resurface skin at all levels.
  3. FRAXEL – the only laser system that evenly distributes laser impact on micro-zones of entire treated skin surface
  4. The technique of dispersing the laser impact was called the “painter’s brush stroke” by the specialists, also naming FRAXEL the simplest yet most effective laser system.
  5. FRAXEL – is approved and used in the United States and other 80 countries worldwide.
  6. FRAXEL treatments were performed on about 80000 patients worldwide.

It can be said with certainty that FRAXEL technology can effectively and safely solve very dramatic cosmetic defects. To provide the detailed step-by-step FRAXEL procedure overview and patient’s preparation and expectations before and after the procedure, an individual free consultation is recommended. Partially, this is due to the fact that patients have different skin capabilities, different treatment needs, different age, health issues. Our office practices an individualized approach to each client. You can receive a more detailed overview of your treatment at a free consultation with our specialist. You can schedule your free appointment by calling this number: 360-260-7069

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I wear a scarf so all of the focus and attention is on my face. The fraxel laser treatment has made such a wonderful difference, and everyone compliments my face. My skin has became cleaner and shinier and younger looking. I love it. Thank you.


fraxel laser skin care treatment

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