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Needles or Knife? Isn’t there another way?

Nothing is permanent under the sun, and yes, we age. The goal is to stay younger longer but using only safe methods. If you are one of people who faints then sees a surgeon with a “ready to go scalpel” or holding a syringe, there is an alternative for you. Your choice is THERMAGE ® – a safe way to tighten loose skin without surgery. The skin is tightened due to heating and natural stimulation of collagen in the deeper layers of your skin. Your skin will look younger, and you will feel more confident and happier.One THERMAGE procedure brings visible results with a minimum down time.

How is this even possible? What’s the secret?

Miracles do happen. Take a trip down memory lane, and you will convince yourself that indeed your life was full of miraculous events. If this is truly so, we are excited for your next miraculous event.

THERMAGE is the greatest achievement in cosmetic and reconstructive medicine today. THERMAGE is a non-surgical method for skin tightening.
THERMAGE treatment uses radiofrequency on deeper layers of your skin. The miracle is in the fact that without invasive treatment (surgery, tummy tuck) you simply look younger, because THERMAGE can treat all of the following:

  1. Your beautiful eyes : reduction of “hooding” (loose skin on the upper eyelid), tightening and lifting of the eyelid skin, reduction of wrinkles above and below the eye, lifting the eyebrow line, making the eyes look more “open,” maintaining the results and preventing more sagging .
  2. You happy face : smoothening and tightening of sagging skin, reduction of age wrinkles and expression lines (mimic wrinkles), tightening of cheeks and also skin lift along the jaw line, double chin reduction.
  3. Your beloved body: no more sagging and loose skin – body lines are smooth and your silhouette is perfected.

Simply said, you look and feel a lot younger!

Is this what you want? And this is what you like? Do you need additional information? Call our office right now and schedule your free appointment with the THERMAGE specialist (number ).

Is this what you want? And this is what you like? Do you need additional information? Call our office right now and schedule your free appointment with the THERMAGE specialist (360) 260-7069 .


There are two completely opposite opinions when it comes to THERMAGE procedure. Many people are very satisfied with it and highly recommend it to others, and others do not see the desired results.

What’s the matter?

Using the testimonies and feedback of many clients receiving THERMAGE treatment at our office, the specialists state that even though some may not see dramatic results, this does not in any case mean that the THERMAGE procedure was not effective.

THERMAGE – is a patented rejuvenation treatment that is performed only by ThermaCool machine. All other procedures like therma-lift, (using the prefix therma-) cannot be compared to the true THERMAGE technology which is absolutely revolutionary in the area of skin rejuvenation .

About 1 million people have had THERMAGE. THERMAGE treatment is popular among women as well as men, and also among people of all nationalities. Everyone wants to look and feel younger.

Positive feedback of our clients testifies to the effectiveness, simplicity, and safety of THERMAGE procedure. THERMAGE is offered in 23,000 clinics of 80 countries worldwide. Will you become younger and more beautiful? This only depends on you. On our side – we are ready and excited to offer our services. You can make your first step to beautiful you by calling the number (360) 260-7069

How does THERMAGE work ?

THERMAGE is a non-surgical procedures that uses radiofrequency energy to create a heating effect in the deep skin layer (dermis). The gentle heating tightens existing collagen and stimulates production of new collagen. As a result, the transformation of cells takes place from bottom to upper skin layers. Tightening is cause by immediate collagen contraction followed by gradual collagen tightening.

THERMAGE procedure ensures skin tissue lifting, reduction of wrinkles, brow lifting, cheek lifting, jaw line lifting: all this resulting in your more youthful appearance to lax and sagging skin. The procedure allows you to shape your face and body. THERMAGE is unique because it treats only problematic areas and yields predictable and effective results. You feel it, and others see it.

Below you can read the detailed outline of the procedure:

  1. Throughout procedure, THERMAGE device monitors the temperature of your skin and protects the skin layers by applying cooling spray before, during, and after application of heat.
  2. Vibration and heating sensation continues (indication that collagen is reaching effective temperature for tightening).
  3. The special ThermaTip device is used to deliver energy to all underlying tissues.
  4.  Radiofrequency energy reaches the dermis level of your skin, heating it which results in tightening of the existing collagen and stimulation of the new cells.
  5. The outer layers of skin are cooled off. The new vibrating top makes the facial treatment virtually pain-free, as the ThermaTip device is continually cooled.
  6. Feeling completely satisfied you finish the procedure with pure excitement for results.

To experience rejuvenation at its best, schedule your free consultation today:(360) 260-7069

How long does THERMAGE take and how long will it last?

The THERMAGE procedure typically lasts 60 minutes for facial treatments, and 90 minutes for body treatments. Clients are able to see results after the first treatment. Results are visible within 24 hours after the procedure. But this is only the beginning. During the next 2-6 months, your skin will continue changing and rejuvenate. This is a natural synthesis of collagen tissues. Your renewed skin is tightened, lifted, and body lines become better and better. The results achieved after THERMAGE treatment at our center last years. Soon enough you will be used to “amazed by your look” comments of your friends, because it’s easy to get used to “good stuff.”

THERMAGE means beauty, but how safe is it?

The safety of therma-skin-lifting THERMAGE is clinically tested and approved by the FDA for cosmetic indications. Radiofrequency energy has been used in operating rooms all over the country for more than 25 years. 10 years of application and 1 million of procedures administered worldwide testify about absolute and guaranteed safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Having said that, since everyone’s body is different, there is always a risk of some side effects, but they are very minor (redness, swelling, some bruising) and last only 1-2 days. Our clients are provided with a full description of the procedure and expectations at a free consultation with the specialist. You may schedule your appointment to day:(360) 260-7069

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