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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

The safety, comfort, and satisfaction with the results is the goal of our center. We use the most advanced and most comfortable laser units. All laser treatments are performed by professionals with extensive experience who can remove hair effectively from anywhere on your body.

Hair that you want to be removed needs to be in active growth, meaning – do not remove it using wax. Laser reacts to the color of the follicle (black root). Before beginning laser hair removal treatment only shave your hair. GentLaser Candela laser hair removal specialists WA ORTalk to our specialist to receive pre-treatment details. Our consultation is absolutely free.

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The laser releases a beam of light that passes through the skin reaching the hair follicle. The follicle absorbs this energy, and the heat is produced. Eventually this heat destroys the follicle and it is no longer able to produce new hair. The surrounding tissue is unharmed.

Note, lasers come in all different wave lengths (and we have a great variety of laser systems). Depending on your skin type and hair color and structure, one machine may be better for you than another.


Laser Hair Removal Is it painful?

be free from unwanted hair laser hair removal

Most patients are able to go through the entire procedure without any anesthetics. We do provide additional comfort by applying cooling gel to the treated area. Some patients describe it as a series of slight pin pricks. After the procedure, the treated area may become pink or red, but this only lasts for a few hours.

How many treatments will I need?

Every patient is unique. We offer a free consultation with a specialist to determine the best treatment plan. Patients’ hair varies in strength and color. Patients’ skin responds differently to laser and its intensity. Interestingly, the laser works best on darker hair (laser responds to darker color best), and works less effectively on gray hair, very light hair, “baby” hair (on cheeks). Since our hair grows in cycles, several treatments are necessary to see which follicles are still producing hair and which areas need a repeated treatment. Typically in 5-8 treatments patients receive desired hair reduction results. Treatments are spaced from 4-6 weeks apart.

Laser Hair Removal Areas:


Between the eyebrows
Jaw line

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Upper Body
Partial chest
Upper back
Full Back
Underarms Full arms Upper arms Lower arms Hands & Fingers
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Lower Body

Bikini line
Brazilian bikini
Full legs
Upper legs
Lower legs
Feet Toes

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Laser Hair Removal


Is there any downtime after being treated with lasers?

Erythema (redness) and slight edema (swelling) are very normal after having a laser treatment and usually resolve after a day or two. However, patients receiving treatment for benign pigmented lesions and “laser peels” may experience micro crusting or even sloughing of the skin for a week to ten days.

If I’ve been out in the sun, use a tanning bed, or use sunless tanning products; can I be treated with a laser?

Because many of the lasers made by Candela have absorption by melanin/pigment, we advise that patients avoid ANY sun exposure, tanning beds, and sunless tanning products for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment and 2 weeks after. The only treatment that can be performed on patients with a tan is laser hair reduction and should only be performed using the GentleYAG laser. Still, patients should avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for 1 week prior to treatment and 2 weeks after. The GentleYAG has no absorption of sunless tanning products.

What causes bruising?

Bruising, or purpura, is typically caused by energy being delivered into the skin too quickly. Particularly with the Vbeam and GentleYAG for vascular anomalies. Also to be considered are medications or herbal supplements such as, ibuprofen, aspirin, vitamin E and fish oils. We also advise that patients avoid being treated soon after exercise. Vascular dilation creates more targets that may bruise.

What is the difference between fine and coarse hair?

The difference is the diameter. Finer hair has a lesser diameter than coarser hairs. This is important when determining the pulse duration of the treatment parameters. Remember we select our pulse duration dependent on the TRT or thermal relaxation time. The larger the structure, the longer the thermal relaxation time, thus the longer pulse duration required.

How many treatments are required?

The number of treatments required is dependent on several factors. First, what is the indication being treated? Hair requires more treatments than vascular lesions for example and what body area being treated for hair will also play a factor in number of treatments. Also, every patient responds differently therefore Jane Doe may need more treatments than Jill Doe.

What causes micro–crusting?

Micro–crusting is a result of heating the epidermis. When treating benign pigmented lesions, the object is to heat the abnormal pigment (dark spot) and as a result the pigment is cooked and turns a darker color. This result is the micro–crusting. Please remember that patients need to keep these areas moist with an ointment and to avoid picking, scratching, or aggressively washing the area.

Why have 3, 10, and 20 ms as pulse duration options on the YAG for LHR?

The pulse duration selection is dependent on the TRT, or thermal relaxation time of a structure. When treating hair, you should notice that hairs will have different diameters. The greater the diameter, the longer the thermal relaxation time, thus the longer pulse duration being required. Most practitioners will use 10ms for the first couple of treatments in most areas before moving to a shorter pulse duration of 3ms. The 20ms pulse duration is almost exclusively used for PFB (pseudo-follicular barbae).

Is it necessary to smell hair burning when using the YAG?

It is not necessary to smell a burnt hair odor. The clinical endpoint practitioners should look for is peri–follicular edema.

For stubborn hair, what can I do to be more effective?

As treatments progress, hairs that grow will usually be lighter, finer and maybe a little tougher to treat. Usually increasing the fluence to achieve greater absorption by these lighter hairs will be more effective. Always remember to judge a patients skin type to assist in determining an effective, but safe fluence.

Can the DCD cryogen cause cancer?

There are no clinical studies showing that the DCD has ever caused Cancer.

Can plume from the HR cause viral infections such as HSV, HPV, or HIV?

It is very important to utilize a smoke evacuator when performing laser hair reduction treatments. The plume is a carcinogen that should not be inhaled. There have been no reports of HSV or HIV as a result of laser hair reduction treatments; however HPV can become an aerosol and inhalation should be avoided.

Does light activate the hair to grow?

There have been studies that have shown that too low of a fluence can stimulate limited hair growth.

Does shaving activate an anagen cycle?

Shaving does not activate an anagen cycle. The mechanical action of shaving is to remove the hair above the skins surface. It has no effect on the hair follicle or surrounding structures.

Which Candela laser works best for wrinkles?

All of the lasers from Candela have some photorejuvenation properties. Heat created by these devices will stimulate the bodies own ability to produce collagen. What can be differentiated is the fact that different wavelengths have different depths of penetration into the skin. 1064nm would penetrate the deepest and 1450nm the shallowest. The rest fall in between.

Will the laser be harmful to organs and lymph nodes?

No due to the limited depth of penetration neither the organs or lymph nodes should absorb the laser light

Photosensitivity and Topical Meds: how long should medications and topicals be avoided prior to and after laser treatments?

It depends on the medication and the topical being used by the patient. Patients should be off of Accutane for at least 6 months prior to laser treatments. Other medications should be examined and a test spot be performed if there is any concern of an adverse reaction. Retinoids should also be ceased 3–5 days prior to laser treatment as they can create excessive redness. A list of photosensitizing drugs can be found here: (0920–23–0011)

How close to the eye can be treated?

Practitioners should avoid treating inside the orbital rim.

How close to the eye can be treated with scleral/corneal shields?

When using a scleral/corneal shield the eye is protected; however we advise that only experienced practitioners treat in this manner.

Can the laser light flashing trigger migraines?

If light sensitivity is a concern then this should be discussed with the patient.




Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

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Before and After Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

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