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About Mini Tummy Tuck

Is a Tummy Tuck right for me?

If your stomach is not really big, but you have excess fat that you are unable to fight with diet and exercise, then a Mini Tummy Tuck procedure is for you. This procedure helps flatten and shape the abdomen and waist, by removing excess fat and skin and tightening the underlying muscles. This body contouring procedure is effective for people whose conditions are not severe for full abdominoplasty.

Some patients are able to get rid of undesired excess fat in lower abdominal area by diet and exercise. But if you have tried it all, but still don’t see the desired results, then you will find the Mini Tummy Tuck procedure very helpful.

What is the recovery like?

Mini Tummy Tuck requires a shorter recovery time than a full tummy tuck. Patients will need to wear a compression garment during the healing period which may last two to three weeks. Many patients are able to resume light work in 2-3 days; but typically patients are advised to avoid strenuous physical activity during the first month following the procedure. To select a body shaping compression gourmet and find out more information about the procedure, please schedule your free consultation by clicking here or dialing 360-260-7069

Tummy Tuck Is it painful?

During and After the Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure.

Patients are relaxed and feel comfortable during the procedure. Local anesthetic is administered, and patients are closely monitored during the procedure. You are fully aware of your condition and surroundings, and you can communicate with the doctor and his assistant during the procedure. Mini Tummy Tuck is an out-patient procedure, and you will be able to leave our center with a smaller abdomen the same day. Minor numbness of the skin and slight discomfort is normal.

The long lasting results are so worth it.

It is exciting to know that after you see the desired result, you will be able to say that it was all worth it. The smaller waist line and a flat stomach will inspire you to continue living the healthy and beautiful life style, and the compliments from those around you will be your affirmation.

The results of reduced abdomen, however, are greatly visible.

If you want to see drastic changes in your lower abdomen,
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Detailed Info

What about the belly button?

During the Mini Tummy Tuck as small incision is made around the naval and across the lower abdomen. The excess loose skin and excess fat are removed. As a result, during the Mini Tummy Tuck procedure the belly button stays in place and patients should not worry about any disfigurement of the abdomen.

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