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About Mesotherapy

Beauty Injection

Micro doses – huge results

Mesotherapy is the method of achieving beauty by injecting small amounts of medication directly into the skin layer. “Meso” simply means “in-between.” The mesotherapy treatment involves a series of injections with tiny needles to 1.5mm to 6mm skin deep. This is important so the specific pharmacology (including vitamins, minerals, plant material such as aloe vera and amino- acids) would penetrate the derma level (mid skin layer). Applications to the skin surface will not have the same results as mesotherapy injections.


Is Mesotheraphy the Treatment for My Skin?

Cellulite treatment using mesotheraphy began in France in 1952 and rapidly became popular in other countries including the United States. Annually the method becomes most requested and popular when women start thinking about their summer look and think about their body image in beach bikinis.

So, mesotherapy is an exciting alternative to plastic surgery that can help you fight:

  1. Cellulite
  2. Detoxication
  3. Oily skin with large pores
  4. Aggravating acne
  5. Alopecia/boldness
  6. Before and after treatments of surgical and laser treatments, chemical peelings treatments, laser resurfacing.
  7. Dark spots
  8. Stretch marks

If you do not suffer from any of the above, this can mean only two things:

1) you are still very young,
2) you have a special secret … and we would like to hear about it.

You can share your story of success here: or by simply contacting our office at  360-260-7069


How does mesotherapy work?

What’s the mesotherapy magic?

During the mesotherapy treatment, our specialist injects your skin at different levels with a special medicated cocktail.
The special formula does the following:

  1. Breaks down the fat cells in fat deposits
  2. Stimulates blood circulation in your skin
  3. Weakens connective bands of tissues that pin the fat down in cellulite, preventing the cellulite problem as well.

Our certified mesotherapist will help your skin have a new, healthy glow.

The desire to look beautiful and sexy is natural for many people. But there are some conditions under which people are unable to go through rejuvenation procedures. Are you a good candidate? You can find out about your options for your individual issues by scheduling a free consultation with a specialist at 360-260-7069 

What about men?

Mesotherapy is a great cellulite treatment on belly, back, arms, and legs. Moreover, mesotherapy is also used for breast reduction in men.


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